The Toy Shop

The concept behind this South West London bar/restaurant, The Toy Shop, was to create the vibrant, fun feel of a grown up playground where guests can let their hair down. The atmosphere had to be comfortable, playful and accessible without feeling pretentious.


The interior scheme, created by Owl Design, added layers of interest to the space, from 3D angular wall panels, to the patterned floor tiles. The bar area was distinguished from the restaurant area through different flooring treatments and seating layouts. For the main restaurant, vibrant booth seating, with multi coloured buttons were installed. Central to this is a central long table, over lit by Kathleen Hill pendant lights with coloured cord. The seating layout is designed to encourage coming together, sharing and having a good time. The toilets add an element of surprise and fun with the Barbie taxidermy wall and colour pop urinals. It is certainly not a shy and retiring design, and has become a destination bar.

Spring/ Summer 2013