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Updated: Jan 25

With such a tumultuous year coming to an end, most of us are looking to the future for a positive new start. People's attitudes towards their homes changed during 2020 and some of the trends we will see emerging in 2021 will reflect this. From creating a comfortable place to relax with deep cushions, to practical home offices and all-weather gardens.


interior design trends 2021, Modern neutral living room. Eyes Swoon

Photo: Eyes Swoon

Sustainability and nature continue to be key design influences. If 2020 has taught us anything it’s that you should respect nature! Nature and the outside have been key for people’s wellbeing, so it’s no surprise after being confined to our homes, we see these influences crossing barriers. This has even led to a surge in ‘winter balcony’ designs so bringing the inside-out and outside-in can be enjoyed all seasons.


interior design trends 2021, curved chair, ceramics, plaster walls

Photo: Panoplies affectueuses par @ark_and_mouchecollective

We will see sustainable and natural materials with their array of colours and textures used in more modern shapes and forms. Adding unique interest to homes whilst still creating a soft calming environment. Sourcing from local makers and smaller scale producers helps with reducing your environmental footprint (and boost the local economy!)


interior design trends 2021, vintage furniture, eclectic living room, vintage design, modern classic furniture

Photo: Johan Sellén

Mixing in vintage pieces continues the sustainable aspect by addressing our throwaway culture. Using a mix of different vintage and antique furniture can create a timeless look which can evolve with its inhabitants, whilst enabling them to express their own personality and style, from mid-century, to rustic modern to eclectic.


interior design trends 2021, earthy tones, plywood kitchen, modern kitchen, kitchen design

Photo: Feina Studio

The colour palette is inspired by the rich comforting earthy colours such as warm olive green, rust, and natural pigments. These colours will be used in heavy woven textures, wood, clay and plaster. Warm beiges and browns, pair perfectly with vintage and antique pieces and organic shapes. Natural fabrics and rough textures embrace flaws and add character to spaces. Grey used to be the go-to neutral colour, but 2021 sees beiges and browns are now gaining popularity. DULUX have introduced their three nurturing palettes that evoke familiarity and comfort: Retreat, Nourish and Reset which after the year we’ve had is just what the doctor ordered!


interior design trends 2021, textured walls, Kelly wearstler, proper hotel, hotel design, woven wall covering

Photo: Proper Hotel San Fransisco designed by Kelly Wearstler

We love textured walls as they can add a beautifully subtle or bold layer to the scheme depending on the design. From plaster finishes in an array of textures, to lime-wash paint and woven wallpaper the possibilities are endless. Plaster finishes look great when they flow from the walls up and onto the ceilings or create panels with woven wall coverings or fabrics like Kelly has done here in the Proper hotel.


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