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We hope you've all had a lovely Easter in the sunshine?! We certainly did, and whilst sitting in the sunshine we thought that we would share with you some of our favourite suppliers in case you have been thinking about giving your home a re-vamp. We have already introduced Konk, sustainable furniture making company who design elegant and timeless furniture. Next on our list it Att Pynta, a contemporary, affordable luxury homewares brought to you by a Swede and a Brit living in London. Kai & Amanda met while working in the fashion industry where they connected over their shared love of the Scandinavian aesthetic. During a coffee break the idea for Att Pynta was born, a destination for Scandinavian style and interiors without breaking the bank. We caught up with the pair to find out a little more about the company...

What's your studio like?

Our studio is located in the historic Bussey Building, at the cultural heart of Peckham. Residents make up a diverse creative community of architects, graphic designers, photographers, painters, textile makers, etc. We also have a showroom located near London Bridge, used for appointments for customers to come and see our products. We feel very lucky as the showroom space has beautiful large windows and exposed brick walls.

How did the company start out?

We met while working in PR for AllSaints. We’ve both always had a keen interest in interior design – something we bonded over straight away! After working together in the fashion industry for 4 years we were both itching for a change, and had always wanted to work in interiors, but did not know how to get a foot in the door. Then one day the idea for Att Pynta came about. After about a year of planning and putting together a business plan, we made the leap from our full time jobs and started working on Att Pynta full time.

We found that the fashion and interior worlds were closely linked. While working in the fashion industry our interest for interior design only grew. We became determined to make the products we were seeing in Scandinavian homes available over here, and at an affordable price.

How do you try and tackle sustainability issues within your company?

With a huge focus on environmental issues and global warming as a cultural trend we have definitely seen a shift from ''fast'' interiors to buying pieces that will last and are seen as timeless. We have always loved handcrafted ceramics and will be focusing on styles that have a classic feel to them, while being ethically made and not mass produced. We have been working with Offset Earth to help offset our carbon emissions by planting trees, we have seen other conciseness brands doing more to be environmentally friendly, which is a great trend! I think the customer wants to support brands that are aligned with their values and lifestyle.

Your favourite piece & why?

We both love the Luca sofa, it is so big and comfy and a must for any living room! Also love the rattan armchairs, they are a design classic.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Being surrounded by and working with creative people is really inspiring. We work with a lot of makers and we always make an effort to visit their studios, chat to them and share their story on our site. We love hearing how they came to their craft and what inspires them; that in turn inspires us.

We also find inspiration by speaking with friends about how they use their home; that helps us to bring in the best products to our site. We look at Swedish interior sites and the Swedish estate agents for what styles and colours the Scandis are using in their homes. Pinterest or Instagram is also a great way to see what trends that are infiltrating into people’s homes in the UK.

What other designers inspire you?

We have always been a huge fan of Ilse Crawford's work - The hotel she designed in Stockholm Ett Hem is simply stunning. She fuses different colour and textures perfectly, creating a homely feel.

Josef Frank's iconic designs for Svensk10 are often a source of inspiration when looking a print and colour. Also his furniture designs are timeless.

Love the look that Luke Edrwad Hall and other artist are cultivating recently. The juxtaposition between vintage, new, colour blocking, clashing prints etc. Showing how to be brave in your home.

What’s in store for the future?

We have a few exciting collaborations coming out soon (can't say yet...watch this space). We are also working on launching a new dining range with a selection of gorgeous chairs and tables.

We love everything on the Att Pytna website but have put together a few of our favourite products so head over to their website to see the rest of their range! You can have a browse of their website here.


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