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We came across Konk whilst searching for sustainable furniture makers. Konk is a multidisciplinary design studio and workshop producing bespoke pieces of furniture for both commercial and residential clients.

At Konk they make each item to order, completely from scratch, so you can get your new furniture made to a size and spec that suits you. They even have an in-house design team who can assist with any questions, offer design solutions and create CAD drawings, giving you the freedom to tweak their designs or work from your own ideas.

We caught up with Alex, the founder of Konk to find out a little more about what they do...

Waney-Stöng Table [Wooden Legs]

What's your studio like?

It's all go! our office and furniture workshop are on the same site, so there's never a peaceful minute. It's great to be able to switch between design work and getting straight into some making though.

How did the company start out?

First thought up by Alex (me?) (an architecture graduate that didn't want to be an architect), we started with the simple idea of creating furniture from beautiful, solid hardwood, that would last a lifetime.

How do you try and tackle sustainability issues within the production process?

We don’t believe in a throwaway culture. The furniture is made for life - it’s solid, hard-wearing and ages with character. Only using FSC approved timber from sustainable forests and working in partnership with One Tree Planted, to plant a tree for every single order received. Off-cuts are turned into chopping boards or used for smaller parts, everything else is collected by the local community for firewood.

Your favourite piece & why?

At the moment it's probably the 'Hänga Open Wardrobe'. Mainly because it's full of little details and joints which need to be cut by hand - it's a fun one to make.

'Hänga' Open Wardrobe

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Key design influences are taken from architecture alongside industrial and mid-century design, resulting in a collection of pieces with a strong, clean aesthetic and beautifully realised detailing.

What other designers inspire you?

I don't tend to follow designers too closely, but I draw inspiration from a variety of sources - architecture, art galleries, music etc. There are plenty of other small makers who are making some really great stuff too.

What’s in store for the future?

We are working on several new pieces at the moment which will be released throughout the year. A shift towards experimentation in new materials is at the top of the list - recycled plastics, fabrics, new metals etc

If you are heading to the Ideal Home Show this spring then you can see some of Konk's beautiful furniture featured in the Future Living Home. Or head over to their website. www.konkfurniture.com, for more beautiful designs.

'Array' Chopping & Serving Boards

Cupboard Little Zonky! [Walnut]

Dock [Interchangeable Shelving]

'Kross' Coffee Table [Mix]