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1. Learn a Skill. The experience gurus Indytute have now become Indy-House (geddit?!) and are bringing imaginative and fun classes direct to your living room. Look out for vintage china up-cycling or try your hand at origami making – both of which will not only pass the time but will elevate your interior too!

2. Do a puzzle. Played all the games in your house 5 times over by now? How about a one of these beautiful puzzles designed by Australian artist Charlie Bennell for Slowdown Studio and available from fab interiors retailer WA Green featuring some of our favourite buildings in colours to drool over.

3. Plan a project. Are you noticing things about your house that you hadn’t before? Is your living room furniture all mismatched or finding that your kitchen isn’t actually designed very well now you are having to cook in it every.single.meal.? Well now is the time to start planning your next project while you have the time! To give you a helping hand we have made a step by step tutorial to show you how to put together a simple mood board for an area of your home. Take a look at the blog here.

4. Make your home more mindful. Spend your spare time making your home a calmer and generally nicer place to be in. You might as well, you’re going to be in it for while... Take a look at these tips from the Owl blog archive

5. Beautiful baking. You are probably all baking wizards by now (!) so why not up your game and start making your food into art? Get inspiration from the Instagram pages of Lauren Ko (whose patterns remind us of beautiful textiles, see image below), Michael Zee and Julie Jones. Almost too good to eat. Almost...

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