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Hi everyone, we hope you are keeping safe and sane after the first week of lockdown?! Following on from our last post, where we shared tips on how to create a calming home, we are taking a closer look at one design style ‘Japandi’. The Japandi style, is all about creating a simple, cosy environment where we see the more rustic Scandinavian style fusing with Japanese simplicity. This blend between Scandinavian and Japanese design works so well as they both focus on the use of natural materials, craftmanship, simplicity and functionality. The style is clean and minimalist, but at the same time inviting and cosy. Both the Japanese and Scandinavian styles have perfected creating functional spaces around simple and calm design, rather than an abundance of elements in the décor.

Photography: D3 Studio The Japandi look is the perfect fit for modern lifestyles, which tend to be hectic and fast paced, as it creates a calming environment where you can unwind and relax. Hygge (the Nordic term for the homely feeling of cosiness), and Japanese ‘Wabi-Sabi’, finding beauty in imperfection, harmonise to create a simple, sustainable and stress-free way of life which is more connected to nature.



Minimise the number of accessories and ornaments you have on surfaces, keep it simple and avoid clutter. This doesn’t mean keep all surfaces and sides bare but instead focus on styling glass, books and handmade ceramics which embrace the love of the natural and handmade.

Photo: Avenue Style

QUALITY MATERIALS Chose furniture and accessories made of high-quality, natural materials. The use of these materials can also create an imperfect and organic look during production which adds that extra layer of texture and warmth. This design element nods to the Japanese expression “wabi-sabi”, which is about finding beauty in the incomplete and the imperfect.

CRAFTMANSHIP When choosing furniture to create the Japandi look chose well-crafted furniture with clean minimalist lines and raw functionality. The items chosen should have beauty and stand out in their own right, for example a statement side table or beautifully upholstered lounge chair. There is a Japanese philosophy that encourages the cohesion between humans and the Earth, one way they achieve this is by having furniture placed low to the ground, such as a futon bed.

COLOURS Japandi is the perfect mix of the crisp and cool colour palette that characterises Scandinavian design combined with the warm and natural vibe of Japanese design. We always count materials as a colours too as natural materials always have such varying depth of colour, such as the gains in a piece of wood. The natural colours found in wood, fabrics and ceramics are also a great starting point when designing your scheme. Mixing different light and dark woods makes it easier to mix up the scheme without things becoming too matchy-matchy. Don’t forget you can also add a touch or green by introducing natural touch using houseplants!

We hope we’ve inspired you to clear out the clutter and focus on making your home into and oasis of calm in this crazy world! Simone & Sophie x


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