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As mentioned in our last post for one of our current projects we are designing a home focused around slow living, eco-friendly materials and calm colour palette. We want to create a home which responds to the environmental and social issues we are facing today. Taking care of our metal and physical health as well as our environment sees us moving towards more thoughtful clutter free homes, free from plastics, chemicals and surplus belongings.

The largest room in the house is the open plan living, dining and kitchen area. We've chosen dark green kitchen units from The Kitchen Shoppe, mixed with a large wooden island which doubles up as a kitchen table as well as storage space for tableware one side and drawers the other. Painted wooden slats create a diving wall between the kitchen and the dining/ seating area, whilst still allowing you to see through.

Neutral off white walls and a limestone effect floor from Amtico create the perfect backdrop for the green kitchen units . The colour palette in this room are dark greens, off whites, rusty reds and natural woods. Materials we will be using are stone, terracotta, mixed woods, recycled glass and ceramics.

The feel throughout this space is about reconnecting with nature, with the focus being on the materials used. We have avoided using plastics and man made materials, instead wood, linen, stone and sustainable materials take centre stage. We've put together a list of items we will be using to create this space below so you too can get the look!


1. Pendant light

2. Recycled glass tumbler - Dunelm

3. Broadwell wine glass - Garden Trading

4. Portland Utility basket - Garden Trading

5. Provender Jar - Garden Trading

6. Portland Utensil holder - Garden Trading

7. Melcombe Slatted Laundry Shelf - Garden Trading

8. Holkham Utility Basket - Garden Trading

9. Wooden Acacia bowl - Dunelm

10. Array Wooden Chopping Boards - Konk

11. Nopp barstool - Pepper Sq

12. Maritime dinner set - Dunelm

13/14. Rialto mixing bowl - Garden Trading

15. Ithaca bowl - Garden Trading

16. Vertical blinds - Swift Direct Blinds


1. Beige Balance poster - Desenio

2. Natural Glazed Stoneware Vase - Att Pytna

3. Toppu Tray - OYOY

4. Copenhagen large sideboard - Oak Furniture Land

5. Beige graphics No.1 - Desenio

6. Handmade square cushion - Att Pynta

7. The Nanny rocking chair - Att Pynta

8. Antwerp Chairs - Pepper Sq

9. Knitted Pendant - Naomi Paul

10. Wells bubble vase - Garden Trading

11. Waney- Stong Table - Konk

12. Madrid Dining chair - Pepper Sq

13. Flooring - Kardean

14. Abstract Ink lines poster - Desenio

15. Lucien Dining Chair - Pepper Sq

1. Wall light - houseof

2. Inka Kana pot - OYOY

3. Antler horn Vase - Lillian Daph

4. Weimar Circles No.2 poster - Desenio

5. Weimar Circles No.1 poster - Desnio

6. Rica Vase - OYOY

7. Kross Coffe table - Konk

8. Natural Chunky Jute Rug - Dunelm

9. Arkin Velvet chair - Dunelm

10. Flooring - Amtico


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