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We are thrilled to have been asked by 100% Design to design a room set based on our instagram feed for their 25th anniversary show at London Olympia! Instagram is a huge part of who we are, where we get our inspiration from and how we share our ideas and projects with the world, so this was such a great opportunity to explore this further.

We were asked to select 9 images from our Instagram feed that we believe reflects our approach to interiors and from that asked to create a 3D real life 'Instagrammable' room, inspired by our chosen images.


The whole idea of Insta-Interiors is a room set that reflects our Instagram page, which in turn reflects our style and ethos. At Owl HQ we have a set of key design elements, of which you will probably see some (if not all!) in most of our projects. These are elements WE love, yours may be different! They include:

Natural weaves, monochrome geometric, vintage + reworked furniture, an element of fun, design classics, craftsmanship, nude neutrals and dark, earthy hues.


Read on to see our chosen images and a little bit about them and how they relate to our set...


IMAGE: Natural materials and textured weaves are irresistible to us. They add depth and warmth to most interior settings. We love this image of a woven cane headboard at Hotel Doisy in Paris. (Photo credit: Hotel Doisy Etoile)

ROOM SET: It has inspired our coir herringbone carpet, which is wonderfully textured and brings a bit of nature to the room.


IMAGE: We tend to use some monochrome and/or geometric in most of our projects. Whether it be fabric for chair or headboard or tiles like the classic Bert & May ‘Vigo’ encaustic tiles we have used here in one of out projects. Monochrome geometric a neutral for us as it goes with pretty much anything! (Photo credit: Megan Taylor Photo)

ROOM SET: Our monochrome touch comes from the beautiful Moroccan rug from A New Tribe.(anewtribe.co.uk)


IMAGE: Sometimes you just can’t beat the look, feel and smell of a vintage piece of furniture. It is almost as if it holds the memories of its past. The right should add just the right amount of character to a room, without overtaking the rest of the design. As if it has always been there. In this photo of one of our projects we have used 1950’s Paolo Buffa dining chairs from The Peanut Vendor. Photo credit: DeVol Kitchens

ROOM SET: The two chairs in the set were eBay finds that have been reupholstered using Zinc Textiles - a beautiful boucle fabric for the main chair and cobalt blue fabric for the trim. (zinctextile.com)


IMAGE: We love this image of one of the rooms at the quirky Henrietta Hotel in London’s Covent Garden. Design by Dorothee Meilichzon it’s exaggerated shapes and bold colours can’t help but make you smile. We always like to add an element of fun to our interiors, something that makes you feel instantly happy when you walk into the room and see it. (Photo credit Gina Goes To)

ROOM SET: The 3D shapes on the back wall, with cobalt blue painted edges, add a bit of fun to the room - especially when you cat h the blue as you walk past.


IMAGE: It is always a good to have a ‘hero’ piece in a scheme and a design classic is always a showstopper. You don’t want to go overkill (and quite often the budget wouldn’t allow it anyway!) so one item, whether it be an item furniture of some form of lighting, it will be something the client will treasure for ever and never go out of fashion. We love how the single Serge Mouille floor lamp in this image looks elegant and sophisticated without being obvious or overkill. (Photo credit: El Fenn Hotel Marrakech)

ROOM SET: You could also look for pieces you think will be a future design classic from an emerging designer. We love the shape of the 'Curve Top' coffee table designed by Judy Clark, and how all her different shaped tables fit with each other or around other items of furniture. (curvetoptables.com)


IMAGE: That one-off ceramic piece that you just have to have or the detail and dedication put into handcrafted joinery, there is something so special about an object that has been crafted by a master of their at. We had this headboard, including attached bedside table, made by the talented Cut Once Woodwork for a residential client. It’s the first thing they see when they wake up in the morning and takes up a whole wall, so it had to be really special. (Photo credit: Megan Taylor Photo)

ROOM SET: See the handcrafted vases on the coffee table designed by Sophie Alda and available through A New Tribe. (anewtribe.co.uk)


IMAGE: Soft pink, blush, nude, buff. Whatever the tone or the name a shade in the family often works so well with bright and dark colours alike that it is pretty much a neutral colour for us. In this image of our show home set at this year’s Ideal Home Show we used a blush in the dressing room with a pale patterned buff in the bedroom which let the other colours of the curtain, artwork, ottoman and vases shine softly without being too extreme. (Photo credit: Veronica Rodriguez)

ROOM SET: Here we have used ‘Sling Your Hook’ by Valspar paints on the upper half of the room


IMAGE: Deep, earthy, almost muddy tones of greens, blues and reds and the perfect backdrop for lighter colours, metallics and bold patterns. The evoke a feeling of calm to a room, perfect for a bedroom or snug. (Photo credit: Veronica Rodriguez)

ROOM SET: We have used Valspar’s ‘Caviar’ which is an almost black, deep earthy colour that works so well with the other elements of the room, letting the other colours and patterns pop out.


This is us, Simone and Sophie, in the room set we designed for Houzz’s ‘Dream Houzz’ last year. The room itself incorporates all of the elements in our key elements, from the natural weaves of the wallpaper to the monochrome patterned rug.

We hope to see you at the show but if you can't make it keep an eye on our instagram and stories for daily updates!


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