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To all the ladies out there, happy IWD 2019 from The Owls! We thought this might be a good opportunity to re-introduce us, the ‘birds’ behind Owl Design ;) Here we are, trying to look proffessional (but actually bursting out laughing) at one of our recently completed projects...

Photo credit: (the very patient) Megan Taylor


For those that don't know us (hi!) we are Simone (sitting down) & Sophie (standing) and we met at Ravensbourne College many moons ago (nearly 13 to be exact, oof) while studying interiors ('Interior Design Environment Architecture' to be precise). We bonded early on at uni and over time it emerged that we had a similar design style, work ethic and career dreams and so it was the natural step that we would want to work together after graduation. It wasn’t an immediate transition, we both got other jobs within the industry, but always met up and collaborated on small projects when we could. Then in 2012 (when a proper, paid, job came our way!) we quickly came up with the name Owl Design (for many reasons - our love the wise feathery creature itself, the shortness and memorability of the word amongst some) and dove in and bought the domain name! That set us on the road and in 2014 we became Owls full time and haven’t looked back. And now here we are, next week it is our official 5th birthday, and we are looking forward to the next five years will bring.

Photo credit: Simone's (also very very patient) boyfriend Matt

IWD 2019

What it is like being a woman in business? Well, we can’t compare as we don’t know any difference, but what we can say is there should be MORE. There seems to be a lack of confidence in women thinking they can be CEO’s and business owners, but hopefully if the more of us who are shout about it, more will follow. Saying that we are lucky to work alongside so many incredible, inspiring and talented women every day. From clients, designers, makers, representatives and photographers. Let's keep supporting each other and showing the next generation that we’ve got this!

'Together We Will Burn Brighter' neon wall art by the brilliant artist Lauren Baker

BIG shout out to all the men who support and encourage us along the way too, thank you, you’re great :)


All our love

The Owls xx

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