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2017 Interior Trends

We have teamed up with London Square property developers to show you how to incorporate 3 hotly tipped interior trends for 2017 into your home. The trends we are focusing on are Craftsmanship, Escapism and Jewel Tones. We often like to incorporate these elements into our designs anyway, even if they aren't necessarily 'on trend', as we believe craftsmanship adds an element of luxury and individuality that you can’t get from mass produced products, that your home should be your place to escape to and we love colour and so often find ourselves drawn to the richness of jewel tones.

Read on to find out you how you can incorporate these trends into your home without them going out of date by 2018!

The top interior design trends for 2017 are:

  • Green and Natural

  • Socially Responsible

  • Heritage and Craftsmanship

  • Health

  • Introspection

  • Meaningful Connections

  • Uniqueness

  • Personalisation

  • Technology

  • Simplicity

  • Flashy Wealth

  • Jewel tone

  • Escapism

Trend 1: Craftsmanship

Since the 1950's mass consumerism and production has been on the rise, with many of us being guilty of taking part in a throw away culture during some part of our lives, weather it be through food, fashion or buying that additional home accessory we didn't really need.

The trend 'Craftsmanship' focuses on the human element, with products being made in small volumes by someone who cares. There is a more conscientious approach to consumerism, with people preferring more quality solutions and natural materials. Handmade objects often lend themselves to using natural materials through techniques which have been used for hundreds of years. Rather than a mass-market, bland look, we are looking for a sense of individuality and quality craftsmanship in our homes.

Key techniques and materials to look out for

Texture is a key element to this trend, weaving texture into an interior makes it more inviting and the idea of mixing fabrics and materials will be on the rise. The main elements which pull this trend together are:

  • Woven/ wicker/ wool - such as baskets, rugs and fabrics

  • Carpentry/ Wood - one off cabinets, chairs and wooden furniture

  • Ceramics/ Clay - rustic handmade ceramic pots and vases for a relaxed interior

  • Ironmongery/ welding/ bronze - bronze sculptures and surfaces to warm a space

  • Upholstery - either upholster an old chair or sofa, or design your own investment piece.

Colour palette: Muted Colours

Earthy/ muted colours are set to become increasingly popular in 2017. These colours are incredibly versatile, you could start small by introducing a few earth-coloured ceramics or soft furnishings or go bolder and paint the walls. They work beautifully with bronze finishes, marble and natural woods and provide a great way to introduce subtle colour into muted schemes as they’re both warming and calming. Some of the key colours we love are:

  • Powdery pink

  • Terracotta

  • Sand

  • Ochre

  • Cinnamon

  • Rust

  • Olive green

This room combines the following elements:

  • Muted colour palette with pops of Ochre, Sand, and Cinnamon

  • The bespoke banquette seating and joinery on the doors

  • Pale Oak wood flooring

  • Ceramics

  • Bronze hardware

This room combines the following elements:

  • Unique upholstery

  • Lots of art and sculptures

  • Pops of Ochre

  • Bespoke rug

  • A neutral main colour scheme

Trend 2: Escapism

In a 24/7 world with technology effecting nearly every aspect of our lives we will see homes becoming a place of cosiness and comfort to escape the world. It'll be a place to reduce the pace of our lifestyle, recharge and refocus. Relaxed furniture and materials, from deep sofas with linen slip covers, to oversized love seats, day beds, Icelandic sheepskins, chunky knit wool rugs and floor cushions will play a key role. How we design our homes will also change with bedrooms being inspired by Boutique hotels, bathrooms inspired by spas.

The trend Escapism goes hand in hand with Craftsmanship, but focuses more on the feeling of the space created, with wellbeing at the centre of it's ethos. As we see a move towards a greater sense of wellbeing and there will be a strong desire to bring nature into our homes, so expect to see more interiors filled with greenery, hanging pots, plants and herbs. Pantone have also predicted this with their colour of the year ' Greenery'.

With greenery comes sustainability. This will translate into more worn or aged furnishings and accents, mixed in with personal treasures. Since we’re surrounded by technology for work and play, people are looking to natural materials for balance. The overall feel will be 'deconstructed luxe' and 'Warm minimalism' with exposed brickwork and terracotta, the use of cement and blown plaster finishes. Metals will be paired with raw, natural materials such as cork, wood and clay. This first-fix aesthetic combines relaxed edges with a nod to industrialism. Warm minimalism brings simplicity to our hectic ever switched on and connected lives. Having less cluttered adds greater value to the items we possess. Rather than hiding everything away, display your passions whether that be a vase, works of art, or plants.

Materials to look out for:

Natural materials are key as our desire for wellbeing and need for calm in the home move towards the use of more natural materials. Texture again plays a role with real, tangible and long lasting materials that add beauty to our homes and brings the outside in. This includes bringing more natural light into the home, the use of planting and organic shapes and furniture forms. 2017 shows a surge in terracotta pots and terracotta tiles and décor items. Pair this look with some greenery and this trend could add character and warmth to interiors again. Cork is also making a comeback. Not only is cork a stylish material that also adds warmth and texture, it is ideal for absorbing noise in our increasingly large, open plan style homes.

  • Wood – especially plywood

  • Leather

  • Marble

  • Cork

  • Stone

  • Ceramics

  • Terracotta

  • Hide

  • Faux fur

  • Wool

Key colours

Grey was a prominent colour in 2016 interiors and it will continue to reign in 2017. Different tones of grey, from light white greys to the deeper tones. It’s the sort of colour that complements a full spectrum of shades, from bold red to mellow ivory.

  • Grey

  • Green

  • Beige

  • Off-white

  • White

  • Yellow

  • Walnut

  • Brown

  • Gold

  • Copper

This room combines the following elements:

  • Warm minimalism

  • Wool

  • Leather

  • Wood

  • Exposed brick

  • Ceramics

  • Grey

This room represents a slightly different felling of Escapism as the moody dark tones help calms the senses and rich textures make you relax. It combines the following elements:

  • Brass/ gold

  • Sheepskin

  • Dark grey

  • Wool

  • Ceramics

  • Walnut wood

Trend 3: Jewel Tones

Jewel tones are showing no signs of decreasing in popularity, from rich colours found in the eclectic Bohemian style to luxe velvet and brass armchairs. Teal, dark green, dusty pink, deep blue and burnt orange are some of the shades that will be seen even more around. Combined with rich plush textiles, like velvet, and matched with sleek woods and warm metals they create a sophisticated luxurious ambiance that rocks the senses. Metallics should be subtle such as brushed brass, matte oxidised metals, and bronze and pewter, marble and brass will continue to dominate in 2017.

Materials/ textures to look out for

  • Marble and Brass Combinations

  • Velvet

  • Chinoiserie and floral patterns

  • Layered Maximalism

  • Tassels and trims

  • Terrazzo

  • Muted Metal Finishes

  • Raw-cut quartz,

  • Lucite

  • Opal

  • Dark wood

Key Colours

Forest Green is one of the most popular colours making a modern comeback. Although it could be seen as quite a traditional colour, it looks current and fresh when used with greys, blacks and whites and creates a sophisticated edge. It is a great backdrop for ethical tan leathers and reindeer furs, brass lamps and natural linen. It adds depth and can bring in the colours from the outdoors.

  • Teal

  • Dusty pink

  • Deep blue

  • Burnt orange

  • Forest Green

This room combines the following elements:

  • Oxidised metal/ antique mirror

  • Smooth wood/ lacquer

  • Deep teal

  • Brass

  • Dusty pink

This room combines the following elements:

  • Teal

  • Deep blue

  • Marble and brass

  • Velvet

  • Dark wood

Come and visit us at the London Square Marketing Suite, Chigwell Grange, High Road, Chigwell, Essex, IG7 6BF on Saturday 28th January 14:00-15:00 for more tips on how to incorporate these trends into your home!


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