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How to: Dress your table for a Christmas Party

Last week our intstagram feed theme was using festive foliage to decorate your home which ties in nicely with this weeks blog post, dressing your table for a Christmas party. We look at a few different themes and how you can achieve them...


The word rustic makes us think of groups of people coming together, making the most of what nature has to offer, rural life, raw wood and greenery. Rustic Christmas style is a very cozy one, it’s inspiring and welcoming. The key components of creating this look are:

1. Lots and of friends and family

2. Burlap/ Jute string

3. Pine cones, eucalyptus, fir tree branches and other evergreen greenery (lot's of it!)

4. Natural white/ off white candles

5. A rough wooden table would be ideal for such a setting, you may even not use a tablecloth.

6. A wooden bench is ideal for squeezing extra bottoms in!

7. Cinnamon sticks are also a lovely addition to any flower/ foliage centre piece.

Photo credit: Scandinavian home

Here they have chosen to use lots of small vases with candles being the main focus for the table centre piece. The Greenery has been used n a very unique way buy wrapping it around the existing pendant lights giving the illusion that bunches of branches hang from the ceiling.

photo credit: witanddelight

We love how instead of offering guests side plates for their bread they have wraps them in some burlap for a really rustic feel.

photo credit: Lauren McBride

How about using thinly cut logs as placemats?

photo credit: Amara

This table really brings the outside in with it's abundance of foliage, it creates and almost 'Narnia' feel about it. And they are ready for the extra guests with the benches and cushions for some added comfort.


This November we designed our very own 'Boho Christmas' room-set at the Ideal Home Show at Christmas. (see below). Boho to us is all about mixing colourful patterns, texture and just generally having fun! More is More when it comes to Boho interiors. Our top tips to create this look:

1. Mix and Match patterns and play with scale

2. Add tea lights with pretty coloured tea light holders

3. Use a colourful table cloth or table runner

4. Stick to ethic and moroccan patterns

5. Mix and match coloured glasses and table wear.

6. Throw a sheepskin rug over seating to creat ea cosy vibe

photo credit: Jungalow

An easy way to make a statement with your dining table is with a brightly coloured pattern table cloth. We used a pink ombre table runner for our room set dining table.

Pom-pom battery operated lights add a beautiful festive glow to the table with coloured candles adding height.

More colour the better! And of course pattern, mixing and matching patterned bowls give the table a unique and personal feel whilst the table runner creates a focus.


Think Georgian opulence, jewel colours and embellishment. We designed another Christmas room set a few years ago based on the theme 'Jewel tones'. Here are some of our top tips to create the look.

1. keep things dark and moody

2. Play with different heights to keep the eyes dancing

3. Let the food take centre stage with serving dishes and platters

4. Add and candelabra for that stately feel

5. Use expensive looking jewel like napkin rings

6. Don't let the table feel bare!

Pile the food high!

We used rich coloured ostrich and peacock feathers as a nod to Mary Antoinette and the feathers in her hair!


Gold and Christmas go hand in hand, which exactly why we couldn't not feature the theme in this blog. Gold goes with everything in our eyes and in the recent few years we have seen the availability and affordability of gold cutlery increasing so it'll be easier for you then ever to re-creat the looks below. here are some of our top tips on using Gold to dress your table:

1. For a fresh modern look mix Gold accents with pale pinks/ greys and whites and don't over dress your table.

2. For a richer look mix with Jewel colours (like above)

3. If you don't have gold cutlery use gold plate chargers and napkin rings instead.

4. To make the Gold stand out don't over complicate things and keep to a limited colour palette.

5. Silvery leafed evergreens and foliage such as Eucalyptus add to the sophisticated feel.

6. How about getting creative and spraying your own Gold pine cones?

photo credit: onestylishdayuk

photo credit: inspired by this blog

photo credit: bloglovin


Scandinavian and Nordic interior design has had a surge in popularity lately with the help of social networks such as instagram with accent dedicated to the style. Another word which has been hard to avoid this Autumn and Winter is the word Hygge (pronounced “HUE-gah”). "Though there are many ways to describe hygge, we see it simply as the Danish ritual of enjoying life's simple pleasures. Friends. Family. Graciousness." - skagen.com

To create this look stick to these few guides:

1. Linen napkins and table cloths

2. Keep to grayscale's and neutral colours

3. Thorw in an icelandic sheepskin rug

4. Natural rustic and wood accents either with your furniture or decorations

5. Use handmade ceramic tableware and serving dishes

6. Use evergreen foliage and berries to decorate

photo credit: atelierrueverte.blogspot.fr

photo credit: interiordesire.net

photo credit: myscandinavianhomeblog

photo credit: flickr

photo credit: myscandinavianhomeblog

photo credit: bloglovin


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