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Meet the designer: Bag & Bones

We love a neon light, so we caught up with lighting designer and founder of Bag and Bones, Gigi to see what she's been up to.

How did you get into the industry?

I’ve always loved neon…for as long as I can remember the seductive glow of neon has lured me in. It just has such a positive effect on my mood – I have bag&bones neon on all over my house and whenever I turn it on my mood is instantly uplifted.

I’ve always been a compulsive doodler. Throughout school and university I spent more time sketching and making little doodles in my notepad than I did listening to teachers.

What inspires you?

We’re really fortunate to call London home, and have done so for many years. It’s an incredible city, and pretty much the centre of the universe as far as we’re concerned. It’s so culturally and artistically vibrant – you just can’t beat it!

London keeps you on your toes like no other city can, and it’s evolving all the time – I love that about it, and find that so inspiring. There’s something beautiful and inspiring waiting for you around every corner. You only need to step outside your front door to stumble across inspiring street art and graffiti. I don’t think I’ll ever run out of ideas as long as I am roaming the streets of London.

Music is another big influence. It’s a big part of our lives at bag&bones HQ so you can only imagine how excited we were when we were asked to showcase eight of our bigger designs at Wilderness Festival earlier this summer.

How would you describe the brand’s style?

We’re big fans of a clean, minimal design aesthetic and that’s something that’s reflected in our work. There’s also a light-hearted, uplifting tone to what we do, with some humour thrown into the mix for good measure.

What projects are you currently working on?

We’re collaborating with lots of different brands and publications right now; either creating customized pieces for them or event styling. Our customized product offering keeps us very busy too, and is one of the most rewarding things about our work.

Have you got any new products in the pipeline?

Yes, lots! We’re continuously working on new designs to add to our collection.

How/where can the public purchase your products?

Our whole collection of LED neon lights is available to buy direct from bagandbones.co.uk. We also stock exclusively with Rockett St George, and we’re planning some pop up events in London in the coming months – keep your eyes peeled!


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