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Spring has sprung and you might be thinking about ways to enhance your garden or add more space to your home. Below are some tips and ideas to think about if you are looking to update or invest in a garden room.

Stand Out From The Crowd

This example by Platform 5 Architects is a real eye catcher, and blends beautifully with it’s surroundings. The clever use of the the same material for floors and walls and extending it outside gives an illusion of space. You could add some free standing planting on the external platform for a slightly more relaxed feel.

Project: Shoffice

Designer: Platform 5 Architects

It’s All In The Detail

When planning your garden office think about the materials you will use and how they will work together. Here they have used large panes of glass that allow the mottled light through, and wide wooden panels on the walls for warmth whilst the grey floor give a modern industrial feel.

Project: 2 Bay modular study, Milton Keynes

Designer: 3rdspace


By using the same flooring inside your garden room as outside it creates a seamless flow, bringing the inside in. The full height and width windows also help to create a feeling of space. Here they have kept the look clean and modern for a really contemporary extra room.

Project: Blackheath Park

Designer: Charles Barclay Architects

Think Outside The Box

Who said that garden rooms have to be square or rectangular?! Tetra shed have designed this wonderful angular garden room which can be positioned wherever you want in the garden and looks like it’s just landed from space; it’s certainly and talking point!

Project: Tetra Shed

Designer: Tetra Shed

All White

By painting the walls and floors the same colour you can really make an impact. Here we chose white to create a calm, bright Scandinavian feel. If you are feeling bolder using dark moody tones would create a great little snug room.

Project: Garden Studio

Designer: Owl Design

A Room With A View

Don’t feel you have to position your furniture up against the walls, if your garden room has large windows position your seating or desk so you can always look out and admire your garden from another angle.

Project: Surrey Garden Office

Designer: Rapod


Why not make your garden room more like a secret den by having a vertical garden growing up the walls?! Not only will it look great but it also provides another habitat for wildlife too.

Project: Garden room in Kent

Designer: Eden Garden Rooms

Keep It Natural

Working with natural materials such as smooth planed wood nods to the log cabin feel but with a modern twist and would enhance any garden. The dark grey stops it feeling too shed like though. The clever addition of the projector screen into a beam turns it from home office to cosy den in a matter of minutes.

Project: Garden Studio

Designer: JLB Property Developments

Use Existing Materials

Here the room has been built onto the existing garden wall. Exposing the brick wall adds texture and character, which make the perfect combination juxtaposed beside the large modern window.

Project: Cecilia Road

Designer: MW Architects

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