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Christmas interiors through the decades

Christmas traditions have changed an awful lot throughout the years and with it ways to decorate the home. The Geffrye Museum in East London has dressed their room sets so you can go back in time and see how Christmas has been celebrated in English homes through the centuries. Authentic festive decorations transform the period rooms, bringing to life the traditions of Christmas past.

Geffrye Museum

A hall in 1630

A New Year’s Day feast in the hall of a middling London home. would consist of a mixture of savoury and sugary sweet dishes. Sugar was an expensive luxury and the sweets would imitate other foods or items, such as bacon and eggs and walnuts.

A parlour in 1745

The eighteenth century saw a decline in the ancient customs associated with. Going to church, entertaining, and giving alms and presents, often of food became the focus for most at Christmas.

A drawing room in 1830

By the early nineteenth century, the celebration of the Christmas season was beginning to enjoy a revival with old traditions reappearing.

A parlour in 1870

During the Victorian era the custom of decorating a tree became popular along with many of our Christmas customs.

A drawing room in 1910

A living room in 1935

A living room in 1965 This photograph illustrates how children had become the focus of Christmas celebrations.

An open plan home in 1998


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