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Give your home a Flying Start

It’s November, which means one thing… the Christmas countdown has begun! It might seem a while away but with the abundance of social activities cropping up, time can fly and thinking about Christmas shopping can take a back seat. Which is why we are suggesting the perfect tailored gift for your loved one, our Flying Start package!

Our Flying Start package is the perfect gift for anyone you know who is thinking about to giving their home a new look. From our experience it has become clear that people are getting more interested in interior design and creating a lovely home but knowing where to start can be a daunting process.

How it works

We need to get to know you! We have both an online questionnaire or we can email you to get an overall feeling of your tastes and the project. Once you have completed your questionnaire, we set up a phone consultation to discuss your needs further and talk through your photos, measurements and images of any furniture you are keeping. From this information we can draw up plans to get the best out of your space and start to put a design for your room together.

What it includes

The Flying Start package includes everything you need to kick-start your project. You can purchase the service on a room-by-room basis and prices start from £310.00 per room and includes:

• Phone/ Email Consultation to discuss what you want from your space.

• Material samples for upholstery, cushions and curtains

• A shopping list (which you have the option of up to 3 substitutions)

• A floor plan

• A custom-made mood board, which will include the following:

• Colour scheme recommendations, images of lighting, finishes, window treatments, furniture and accessories.

A few weeks later your Flying Start package arrives in the post presented in a beautiful box, ready for you to start your project in your own time.


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