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Our Grand Designs Live Room set: from concept to completion


Stage 1: Initial mood board


Stage 2: Mood board development


Stage 3: Visual

2015-04-29 09.50.34.jpg

Stage 4: Arrival on site at Excel to see the walls go up.

2015-04-30 09.19.48.jpg

The chimney breast is ready to go up.

2015-04-30 13.41.49.jpg

Stage 5: Decoration and block painting of the walls.

2015-04-30 14.31.26.jpg

Stage 6: the flooring starts to go down.

2015-04-30 18.38.08.jpg

2015-04-30 19.30.03.jpg

Stage 7: the furniture starts to go in.

2015-05-01 11.47.22.jpg

We have light!

2015-05-01 16.05.49.jpg

Stage 8: pictures are up and furniture laid out.

2015-05-02 09.13.41_edited.jpg

Stage 9: the styling is finished and ready for show open!


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