• Simone Olivia

All of the lights

We took a trip down to Lights of Soho to view the God's Own Junkyard exhibition. We are big fans of Chris Bracey's work and have even used his work in one of our projects, The Toy Shop bar. Although he may have passed he shall live on through his work!

2015-01-12 18.13.42.jpg
2015-01-12 18.12.48-1.jpg
2015-01-12 18.12.34-1.jpg
2015-01-12 18.11.17-1.jpg
2015-01-12 18.11.01-1.jpg
2015-01-12 18.10.20-1.jpg
2015-01-12 18.09.48-1.jpg
2015-01-12 18.09.23.jpg
2015-01-12 18.09.12.jpg
2015-01-12 18.08.35.jpg
2015-01-12 18.08.21-2.jpg
2015-01-12 18.07.46.jpg
2015-01-12 18.07.33.jpg


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