• Simone Olivia

The Green House Launch party

We attended the launch party for The Green House N16, an inspiring and creative office and desk space to rent in London. Having worked on the project for the past couple of months it was great to see it finally open! The Green House N16 is community of creative individuals, start-ups and small businesses enjoying the co-working benefits of an exceptional multi-purpose, multi-functional serviced space.

2014-12-09 19.08.30_edited.jpg
2014-12-09 19.04.10_edited.jpg
2014-12-09 19.14.48_edited.jpg
2014-12-09 19.18.22_edited.jpg
2014-12-09 19.04.38_edited.jpg
2014-12-09 18.57.57_edited.jpg
2014-12-09 18.59.53_edited.jpg
2014-12-09 18.58.15_edited.jpg
2014-12-09 19.20.05_edited.jpg
2014-12-09 19.21.49_edited.jpg
2014-12-09 19.23.18_edited.jpg


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