Greenhouse N16

The Greenhouse is part of the new wave of working environments that has been borne out of the trend for freelancing and varied working hours.  


The Internet has allowed people to change the way they work and so new environments are needed to accommodate this. They should be hubs of creativity and encourage networking and mental stimulation, which is exactly what we feel we have achieved at the Greenhouse.


It houses a vast entrance area with an indoor/outdoor ‘Village Green’ feel, with lots of greenery, park benches, street lamps, a bike park and a glass roof. Here there is a café where people can hold meetings, relax and network. It is also a fantastic and atmospheric event space, with a real community feeling.


The workspaces had to house permanent workers and hot desking and it was decided not to segregate people to add again to the community feeling and encourage networking.  Different shades of green and natural woods were juxtaposed against the industrial building making it a relaxing and interesting environment to work in.

Spring/ Summer 2014