Conversations at Clerkenwell

Conversations at Clerkenwell, which took place at the Goldsmiths Centre, has become an important arena in which to introduce and discuss new products, raise industry issues and network with fellow A&D professionals.


2016 we collaborated with Karndean DesignFlooring to launch their new flooring range, Kaleidoscope. The collection contains popular shapes and patterns, such as hexagons, chevrons and cubes, which can be cut in a number of colour combinations across their established wood and stone designs. Kaleidoscope also introduces solid colours, giving designers the ability to specify bright colours against wood and stone for added visual interest in commercial and residential spaces.

We designed the flooring to look like and large magnified geometric pattern creating pathways and angles to show off the various shapes and combinations. Visitors could also create their own flooring design in the mirrored hexagonal booth, which repeated the patterns in the reflection.


Spring 2016